Skills and experiences:

Consulting and professional sparring:

- Analysis of new or alterede industrial discharge.

- Constructional and R&D projects.

- Communication and collaboration between owner municipality (ies), industry, authority and utility company.

- Operations and maintenance.

Operation and production:

- Analysis of biological, chemical, mechanical and thermal processes for handling, treatment and production of biogas, biomass (sludge), surface runoffs and wastewater.

- Analysis of energy and ressource consumption.

- Operational consequenses from new or altered industrial discharge.

 - KPI's for operational optimization.

- Troubleshooting operational problems.


- Biological, chemical, mechanical and thermal processes used for handling, production and treatment of biogas, biomass, surface and wastewater.

- Danish legislation on collaboration and communications with authorities, environmental issues, operations and operations management and wastewater.

Contact:  Thomas H. Eriksson. Tel: +45 61 78 47 64, E-mail: the(at)


Halsnæs Spildevand A/S: Sulfuric hydrogen in pressurized sewage mains:

Analysis of the cause of hydrogen sulphide formation and possible solutions.

Faxe Spildevands A/S: Lye consumption:

Analysis of lye consumption for pH regulation prior to anaerobic digestion (biogas production).

Fors A/S: Utilization of waste heat from biogas production.

Analysis, calculation and design of technical proposals for utilization of waste heat from thermophilic biogas production.

FORS A/S: Mass balances, clearance tanks and return sludge management:

Training of operating operators on mass balances, sludge age, clarification tank processes and return sludge management with regard to optimization of nitrification and denitrification processes, reduction of energy consumption and increased hydraulic capacity.

FORS A/S: Diversion or shut down of treatment plants:

Analysis of capacity, load, operations and energy and financial savings by diverting 2 treatment plants to a 3rd neighbouring plant. Determination of necessary adjustments on the receiving plant.

FORS A/S: Diversion or conversion:

Operational and economic analysis of the potential by converting an older activated sludge plant to a root zone plant, or diverting the wastewater flow to a nearby activated sludge plant.

FORS A/S: Centralized sludge treatment:

Operational and economic analysis of potential energy production, as well as environmental and climate impact from centralized treatment of sludge from 20 treatment plants at two central plants.

FORS A/S: Energy neutral or producing treatment plant:

Review of machinery and processes and analysis of data from laboratory and SCADA system to propose replacements and adaptation of equipment and processes to convert a traditional 125,000 PE wastewater treatment plant to energy neutral or producing operations.

FORS A/S: Biogas engine:

Analysis of potential energy production and coverage of necessary operational measures to ensure maintenance of stable engine operation.

Roskilde Forsyning A/S: Pyrolysis or gasification:

Analysis and calculation of the energy potential, as well as assessment of operational possibilities, advantages and disadvantages, by pyrolysis or gasification of surplus sludge at treatment plants.